Saturday, October 22, 2011


The time came to create a new blog.  Life has changed so much for us.  If you want to check out my previous posts, you may do so at this blog.

On a nature walk this past October

I'm assuming you won't want to wade through those posts, so here's a quick bit about us.  I'm Megan, I'm a 21 year old mama to Nayeli and Madelyn.  Out of convenience, I'm going to refer to them by their initials.  N and M.  Jaime is my husband, and he'll probably get referred to by his name!  Anyways.  We recently moved into a quiet neighborhood, and we really like it here.  Our apartment is big, the girls have lots of room to run free and play.  I'm not a true stay at home mom anymore, I work part time for a photography company.  We balance out our schedules so that one of us is always home with the littles.  And we have three cats.  Yeah, three.  So, there you go.  Boring synopsis of our life.

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